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The world's first ionic conductive dry polymer sensors.
BCI you will love to use

Ionic Conductivity

stronger current, less external noise

Solid Polymer

can be molded into 3D shapes

Works through hair

no need for pointy, painful electrodes

Comfort and performance

wearable day in day out

No active board needed

less circuitry and battery drain

Turn any head wearable into BCI



AR glasses

AR glasses

VR headsets

VR headsets



The world’s first add-on EEG hoop enhancement
Part of the Conscious Labs Development Kit.

Miniaturized electronics fit into the headhone hoop cushion. Attach it to your favourite headset and get started with the Conscious Labs Development Kit.

Turn headphones and headsets into EEG-powered brain-computer interfaces

Development kit

Development Kit launches at CES 2020

Dry active sensors for the
OpenBCI Ultracortex Mark IV

Dry active sensors

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