Our EEG audio headsets are devices for measuring brain activity


AR glasses


• A new era for EEG experimentation and research

• They are intended for experimentation as well as Research and Development in the fields of Health and Brain-Computer Interfaces.

• Wearable everywhere, they are particularly suitable for use in an ecological environment.

• Appropriated to carry out clinical studies requiring measurements on large cohorts and quick and easy implementation for the acquisition of large databases, ours EEG headsets benefit the search for Neuromarkers specific to a brain state or pathology.

• Their "user friendly design" allows teams interested in physiology and human factors to add the collection of neurophysiological measurements to their study spectrum.

• They come with a unique software for the whole range to visualize and record the raw signal.

• They also optionally offer the possibility to interface with advanced brain data processing software, notably involving audio neurofeedback.